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  • April 2006
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Woof! Woof!

Speaking of social media and your daily dose of vitamins. Welcome Dogster and Catster. It’s like Myspace for dogs and cats. The site is equiped with a blog, daily diaries, forums and a lot of other community development tools. They not only have a Dog Lovers Blog titled For the Love of Dog Blog, but also a company blog aptly named Company Blogster. Dogster actually won the 2005 Webby for best community site. The Adopt Me and We Miss You pages are heart-warming and sometimes sad. I tend to get lost in the adoption site wanting to bring home a friend for Bailey, but he would be jealous. Bailey

Talk about the changing sphere of the Internet and social media. Dogster and Catster have taken community and social interaction elements of the Internet and ran with them in a positive way. The site is witty and creatively raises awareness to homeless pets and animal welfare. Also, this is a perfect site for so many dog and cat owners who make up an enormous demographic. What a way to harness the communication power of pet owners worldwide.

Check it out! Give a dog bone!


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for visiting us at Dogster! Like all great packs, we love company!

    Sit, stay and sniff around for a while.


    Dog Blogger
    For the Love of Dog Blog

  2. Sometimes I think the Internet is just a little too accessible.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Yes, the Internet is accessible, which is the beauty of it. However some think this accessibility is dangerous and may be the demise of the medium depending on which way you sway. What is so bad and terrible about accessibility? I guess it depends on how you look at the Internet. And looking at how it is USED by different people is really the key. In this post, I am simply highlighting how the Internet can be social and connect groups of people with similar interests.
    Thanks for your comment,

  4. Beth,
    Sorry for my snide comment. Accessibility is a good thing, and the way the Internet is used is certainly something to study and analyze. Agreed. I was really just making a crack that I think things like Dogster and Catster are just a bit to much for me. With all the talk about social networking and community building through the web, I don’t want individuals or industries to forget that the best way to reach people is through direct in-person real live people conversation. But if Dogster or any other site floats someone’s boat, more power to them.

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