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GOPR Holds Name Change Contest!

Yes, you read that properly. It seems that I wasn't engaged in any sort of forethought when I named this thing. Not a great admission for a student of PR who's looking for gainful emploment. But the name had such a nice cadence to it – Graduate Observations of Public Relations. It's so poetic that it might even be dactylic hexameter, iambic pentameter, or laparoscopic cholecystectomy at least!

But times, they are a-changing. I'll be graduating in May and Beth graduates in August so it just doesn't seem right for our blog not to reflect that. We toyed with the idea of just shortening it to "Observations of Public Relations" but then we're just OPR, which sounds like a British indie pop band or the Department of Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility. Plus, then we lose our poetic rhythm.

So we've decided to host a contest! That's right! In the spirit of transparent discourse we're going to open ourselves up to suggestions from our friends and readers, after which we'll probably just pick something we thought of while taking our Empirical final. But don't let that stop you! Be creative, be clever, be wise, and be kind. We'll make a final decision by May 15th, the day after I (theoretically) get my MA. I can't speak for Beth, but I'm looking for something that reflects our intelligent, thoughtful discussion of PR, our communication education, and my sincere interest in immature cartoons and ice hockey.
Note: Luke and Beth [Hereafter, "We"] are under no obligation to use or even read any of the suggested comments. We have the right to delete any suggestions that contain swear words, personal attacks, or the word "noodle." We will thoughfully and methodically choose the most salient and poignant suggestion in a joint effort of collaborative good will. A tie will result in a fierce game of "Battleship," winner takes all.


11 Responses

  1. “Post-Graduate Observations of Public Relations: New and Improved Degree Completion Edition” A little long, but descriptive.

  2. Ah! Mike stole my “Post-Graduate” idea! Luke – you can vouch for that, right?!

    Course, he did add the “New and Improved” part … DANG it …

  3. How about a play on your name Luke:

    “The Adventures of Sir Lukealot – PR’s Knight in Shining Armour”


  4. […] Graduate Observations of Public Relations holds a contest for a new name! You won’t find me doing that anytime soon. By the way, they’re called “Tasty Links” because they’re all del.icio.us! […]

  5. Mike, thanks for being the first. You’re in the running. With a name like PGOPRNIDCE, how can we go wrong?

    Erin, you’ve got to think of something else.

    Paull, it’s interesting you mention that. Beth’s last name is Farrell, like feral, as in wild, untamed. I had toyed with the idea of changing it to “Wild Knights PR” or something. I liked the idea until I googled it and found a ton of really scary old-guy-bands in the US. You know, the kind of guys who really thought they were going to make it when they started 20 years ago and now have to have their kids carry their equipment when they play the local bar for the 23 regulars that are there because, well, they’re regulars and where else are they going to go? I used to be in a band that was turning into that – so I quit. Gave me bad flashbacks. Lukealot. Funny.

  6. Luke, I meant to say “You won’t find me changing the name of the site anytime soon!” even though I will no longer be a student in the near future.

    So very sorry for the misunderstanding!!

  7. Ya know, I need to a blog break. The reason? I found myself last night, while thesisizing, actually thinking pretty hard about a funny name for you Luke. I didn’t just brush past it either, I probably spent a solid 10 minutes thinking. I hurt myself.

  8. This is all brilliant!
    And I am glad to learn that my last name equates to wild and untamed. Post-Grad Observations of PR, I kind of like that Mike.
    I’m still thinking…

  9. New grad = New Gen PR Thoughts; DottedLine
    Play on old name = Observable Impacts
    New in job market = Lessons on Leaping; PressOn PR
    Misc. = Dashing Thru The Mediasphere

    Just a few quickies

  10. Todd,
    I like PressOn PR! Thanks for the contribution.

  11. […] A while back we posted that we'd be having a contest to change the name of our blog. We received a few comments and suggestions, but none so thoughtful and encouraging as those of Todd Defren who authors the PR Squared blog and The Good Pitch blog. Now, we didn't actually use any of Todd Defren's suggestions, but we liked his style, his creativity, and his willingness to give it a shot. We did like nearly all of Todd Defren's suggestions, but googling some of them showed us the competition. […]

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