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  • July 2007
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Reforestation, Great Social Media Work, Hear Me Roar

Update: An update on the Converseon blog site has some interesting lessons learned about this project. As we pave the way in the new media landscape, we should pay very close attention to the successes and mistakes of others. One thing they don’t mention is that there were two Members Project reforestation initiatives and this one didn’t make the cut. The other one did – with surprising results after little marketing. People need very specific directions and no matter how much planning you do, one single distraction (such as registering) will derail the train.

Paull Young‘s agency, Converseon in NY is doing some great social media work. Here’s something that’s a great cause that really shows their mad skilz. Yes, I just wrote mad skilz. His project is one of the 50 remaining American Express Members Project (you’ve seen the tv commercials) projects. If you hold an American Express card, you have to vote by July 15th in order for this project to go on to the next round. It’s (as far as I know) the only Second Life project in the remaining 50. It’s a virtual reforestation project that also plants real trees in rain forest areas. If this wins, 1 million trees could be planted. Pretty cool. Vote here.

As an added bonus, you get to hear the melodious crackling tones of my voice through a junky mic on the embedded video (rss readers, click Second Chance Trees). I was honored to do it, I just wish Paull had given me a bit more warning so I could have had better equipment more readily available.

Anyway, read Paull’s post about the project that has some excellent lessons on dealing in the social media space. Not only is the project cool, Paull’s really educating us about the process. Kudos. Well, good luck, remember, voting ends this Sunday, July 15th!


4 Responses

  1. You did well too mate!

    As you can see from Rob Key’s post at our corporate blog, the machinima is beating out Martin Scorcese and a bunch of celebs on the million dollar Amex ad: http://blog.converseon.com/2007/07/12/the-power-of-social-media-in-search/

    I wish we’d had more time on this to! But half the fun of social media is how quickly things move. We only had a few days to promote this, it was great to be able to include you mate.

    Just a note – if anyone is voting for this be sure to pay attention to the name ‘The Virtual Forest Project. One Million Trees. Easy.’ because their is another project with a confusingly similar name that has been confusing a lot of people.

  2. Very cool stuff, thanks for sharing! We’ve been having some conversations around Green PR a lot lately and this is such a wonderful example of a great idea, plus great use of social media.


  3. Kyle,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. It is a great idea. I can say that because I didn’t think of it, but wish I had. It’s really given me a lot of ideas of how to use virtual worlds.
    You’re not kidding that Green PR is getting cut-throat. It’s the same with any hot topic, flacks out there spinning the stories to appear to fit into the trend, when the connection is tangential, at best, and a blatant fabrication, too often. Could be untrained, inexperienced newbies making it tough for the rest of us – or it could be just too tempting a place to miss out on.

  4. […] found the video through Luke Armour (who is doing the voice over). Not only is the video and the message killer, but the ability to […]

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