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  • August 2007
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Yours Truly Joins BlogTalkRadio

blog-logo-beta.gifWhat’s bald, exceptional in front of large groups of people and travels a lot? That’s right, Mitch Joel!

But in completely unrelated news, I joined BlogTalkRadio! Not simply as a host, but as a member of the team.

To this day when I mention podcasting, I still get strange looks from the people I’m speaking to. Only half of the people who have heard the word “podcast” even really know what it is. Only a fraction of those remaining people have ever listened to an actual podcast. Granted, I live in Ohio, a place not overwhelmingly known for its lightning adoption of new technologies. Oh, sure, our folk invented human flight and the light bulb, but even Edison was shocked to see his family’s old house still lit by lamps and candles over 40 years after he patented it.

But that’s not my central point. I’m very pleased to announce that I am the PR Coordinator for this incredible social radio network. The team at BTR is an energetic, smart group of people from whom I expect to learn a lot. I will still be based in Ohio, so those of you who appreciate my rural isolation can continue to enjoy that caustic, desolate side of my writing. Also, because of the nature of my job, I’m hoping to have more time to wax lyrical about PR and marketing on this very blog.

In the meantime, I encourage you to read my first post on the BTR blog where I discuss my attraction to the BlogTalkRadio platform and my role as PR Coordinator. News Release about it there and here. I urge you to check out the service. I find it to be the answer to podcasting for the masses as well as taking the podcast community to the next level. We’re also rolling out a new website in the beginning of September, so if you find yourself raising an eyebrow due to the current site – just wait.

You ain’t seen or heard nothing yet.

Special thanks to my ‘mate’ Paull Young, without whom I wouldn’t be able to compare myself to someone and say “well, thank God I’m not that guy.” Oh, and he introduced me to Mr. John C. Havens, which was very good too.

Updated links 8/24/07 


When a fun idea isn’t a good idea

Saw this in my Twitter feed today from SarahWurrey. Sharpie tattoos for people who aren’t ready for the real thing. The blog post has links to a Flickr set. Cool idea. Read the blog post and be sure to read the comment from Sharpie designer. On a side note, I think it’s impressive Sharpie has people trolling the blogosphere looking for brand mentions.

But this is what you have to think about when promoting a event or stunt. As mentioned in my Forward Podcast interview with Peter Shankman, having the idea is great, but you’ve got to think of everything. Drawing designs on skin with potentially toxic chemicals might not be how you want your brand to be remembered. Hadn’t thought of that? Well, Sharpie has apparently, and you’d be well to start thinking like that if you’re getting into event or stunt PR.

Could it be problematic? Hard to say, but PR people should be in the business of a) avoiding bad press and legal problems b) dealing with bad press and legal problems others have created but not c) creating things that lead to bad press and legal problems. Lesson learned.

Forward podcast picks up a co-producer, Peter Shankman guinea pig

canwedothat.jpgforward_podcast144.jpgI’m very excited to announce that I’m co-producing the Forward podcast with Paull Young over at the Forward blog. Forward is an online resource for young PR Pros and students. I interviewed Peter Shankman, CEO of The Geek Factory, for Forward Podcast 28 this week. Peter may be surprised to find out (or not surprised at all) that he was my guinea pig interview.

Peter is an unique PR professional with scads of experience, skill and understanding for such a nice young man. He authored the recent book Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts and Why Your Company Needs Them, which is an entertaining, informative business book for anyone, but especially PR pros.

Give it a listen to and let me know your thoughts on my interview style, podcasting skills or anything we talked about. And check out Peter’s book, I highly recommend it. Forward Podcast 28.