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Friday Frivolity – Transparency, Trust, and You


On the web, transparency and trust matter. Reputation management is increasingly important since, every day, the control of the message slips further out of the corporate grasp. Think about what messages you and your company are broadcasting. Then think about what you and your company are actually doing. Then think about what people actually say about you. Do any of them match up?

The netizens of the Interwebs have a funny way of sniffing out the truth of the matter and reporting it, which can seriously damage your reputation and ultimately consumer trust. Not that you work for or run Dilbert’s company. Nor would you do those sorts of things, right? Right?!

But more importantly, do you even know what people online are saying about you? Perception becomes reality – right or wrong. And while the control of your brand is fundamentally out of your hands, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be monitoring and engaging with people who do have that control. That’s why it’s called reputation management, not control.

Now, go have a good weekend, but keep the Google Alerts coming.


The Rundown with Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson-Part I

TheRundown Welcome to the Rundown Podcast. Here I give and get The Rundown on social media and all things Public Relations and Digital marketing on the web.

Episode 3 of The Rundown Podcast features part one of a discussion of podcasting with two of my favorite podcasters – Shel Holtz (@shel) and Neville Hobson (@jangles) from the For Immediate Release series of podcasts. They recently released the results of their listener survey, which spurred a detailed discussion of podcasting past, present and future…

The Rundown with Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson – Part I


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Show Notes

  • 00:00 Face off
  • 00:41 Welcome
  • 01:33 Comments? Suggestions?
  • 01:50 Segue
  • 02:00 Welcome, again
  • 02:20 Introduction of Neville and Shel
  • 05:00 The FIR Listener Survey – why release the survey results?
  • 07:29 Changes to The Hobson & Holtz Report?
  • 08:20 Length
  • 09:05 Podsafe Music – Really?
  • 11:40 RSS vs. iTunes
  • 13:49 iPod vs. iPhone
  • 16:02 Conversation Rules
  • 17:03 Podcast Stats – Downloads vs. Listeners
  • 18:37 Is content still king? (eMarketer study Podcasting Into the Mainstream, March 2009)
  • 21:07 Diversity in audience – why and how?
  • 22:57 Podcast listenership
  • 25:21 Break
  • 25:30 Luke pimps these other podcasts:

Don’t hesitate to send in audio or text comments, questions, feedback and anything else that suits your fancy. I reserve the right, of course, to play or read any and all of your comments as well as delete them without a second thought. But don’t let that stop you from giving it a shot!

Please let me know what you think via email or leave an audio comment at: +1 206.337.3731.

Friday Frivolity: Celebrity Twitter Overkill

In this sequel to Twouble with Twitters from Current_’s SuperNews, Twitter jumps the, uh…whale and Darren…well, you’ll just have to see.

Which character are YOU in this interpretive animated sketch? The Celebrity? The Skeptic? The Pusher? The Flock of Sheep?

Even more important, which group does your audience, client, customer, vendor, or potential customer belong to? How will you reach them? Is this even a way to reach them? Before latching on to the next shiny new thing, let’s stop, look and listen to make sure we’re on target, on strategy, and on message.

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[feed readers click through for video]

Hat tip to JayVee for flagging this video for me.

Friday Frivolity – Real Life Twitter

As Twitter popularity grows, so does the resulting questioned looks we get as we try to explain it.

And no wonder, imagine Twitter in real life…
[feed readers click through for video]

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This is what happens when you actually say the things you would normally just tweet, out loud and in public.

Very reminiscent of my Friday Frivolity – Facebook in Real Life post from last year.

I harp on this a lot, but you’ve always got to see how your audience is going to see a new tool, a new tactic or a new strategy. So remember this when talking to clients – put on your newbie glasses and try as hard as you can to see what they’re seeing. Whether it’s a new digital approach to an old problem or an exciting new step in unchartered territory; always view it from the audience’s perspective first. Then explain it. Then execute with the client’s blessing.

Because if you don’t explain in properly, your just showing people pictures of your cat.*

*not meant to slight cat people, cat bloggers or cats who blog. Please don’t email hate mail to me, it’s a reference to the video. Watch it again. I love cats, actually. I’m a cat guy myself. If I had a cat, I’ll bet he would blog. I had cats before blogs or at least before most cats blogged. It’s the keyboard she didn’t like. Now, if they come up with some meow-recognition software that actually WORKS, then we’re talking…