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  • September 2008
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The Rundown with Matt Dickman and the Face of Facebook

TheRundown The Rundown is back! Welcome to the newly revamped Rundown Podcast. Once again I’ll be giving and getting The Rundown on social media and all things Public Relations and Digital marketing on the web with a knowledgeable person.

Episode 1 (Run time: 31:40) of The Rundown Podcast welcomes Matt Dickman, the Techno//Marketer and his new eBook series “The Face of Facebook: A marketer’s guide to understanding the population of Facebook” Which is a comprehensive guide for marketers to understand what the population of Facebook really looks like and how to market within the community.

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Show Notes

  • 00:41 Welcome
  • 02:24 Comment from Paull Young (twitter)
  • 04:25 Comments? Suggestions?
  • 05:11 FIR’s upcoming roundtable on Start up PR (starter posts: Calacanis’ Fire Your PR Company, Godin’s The Myth of Launch PR)
  • The Rundown with Matt Dickman
  • 06:42 Intro
  • 07:14 Matt Dickman’s elevator pitch
  • 08:01 Why the Face of Facebook?
  • 09:17 Marketing in a web 2.0 world
  • 10:18 State of FB marketing
  • 11:42 Adding Value: more than a notion
  • 13:30 Numbers – Pages and total population
  • 14:35 Global Takeaway
  • 15:46 Accuracy of stats?
  • 16:49 Male, female or other?
  • 17:46 Ethnicity
  • 20:00 Creating an ad
    • Social action
    • Pricing
  • 23:43 Applications
  • 25:34 Beacon
  • 27:26 Poll
  • 28:44 The Rundown

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7 Responses

  1. So glad you’re back! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast.

  2. Ah, Luke. Good to hear you once again. Stole the mp3 link and put it on the front page of PROpenMic in the music player.

    Re: startups, I wondered recently if the TC50 & Demo events are kind of like *those with money* (VCs) dangling string & teasing *small puppies w/out money* (entrepreneurs)?

    Of late, that Starup/VC community has seemed to be more animated than ever before in their disdain for PR. And I thought our political parties were myopic. These people in the startup world seem more myopic than any other group I’ve ever encountered.

    Anyway, enjoying the e-book and placed it in the ‘required reading’ folder for my classes this semester. Thanks!

  3. This was good! I like that you have the phone interruption tacked on at the end – nice touch. You may have just hooked me, Mr. Armour.

  4. I cannot handle Youngie’s message. Good to hear you again, man…and let’s hear it for Matt Dickman. 🙂 Five points.

  5. Karen – thanks for the warm wishes. Hope you enjoy.
    Robert – as always, great to hear from you. The startup discussion is a good one. I think it’s the heady brew of social media that’s empowering everyone – perhaps ill-advisedly. I think it’s a bubble, but time will tell. Thanks for spreading the mp3 and the ebook!
    Ash – lots to live up to, then. I’ll do my best.
    K8 – wow, 5 points. I’m going to pretend that’s alot. ’tis a funny message from Short ‘n Stubby, I’m hoping he’ll contribute regularly. Please encourage him.

  6. […] Facebook as a social media tool for engagement. Hat tip to the For Immediate Release podcast and Luke Armour for the heads […]

  7. Nice job Professor! This is an interesting topic and we mentioned it during the class. Facebook is a good channel for PR. With such a large user base, we can connect to thousands of people on Facebook that might have an interest in your business, especially those than prefer the Web to traditional media. If we build relationships with people in our target demographic, they can do the public relations work for us if they like your messages and share them with others. Relationships fostered through Facebook tend to be more personal than those through other mediums, such as email, because most people use their real names on Facebook and share their lives with other Facebook users. I think this is one of the advantages of Facebook. In this way, it is easier for people to accept business promotion. By the way, the beginning of the Podcast rocks!Thank you for sharing!

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