Stay on top of UGA Connect

UGA’s Grady College “CONNECT” PR and social media conference is this weekend. I would love to have been there, but just couldn’t make it.

UGAConnect “CONNECT” PR and social media conference

When: 19-20 October

Where: Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication –
University of Georgia

This conference is intended to educate public relations professionals and educators on social media and is organized by the great Karen Russell.

Just a few of the luminaries at this event are Kevin Dugan, of Strategic PR and the Bad Pitch Blog, the keynote speaker, Josh Hallet, Katie Paine, Josh Bernhardt and master of the PR blogosphere Constantin Basturea.

Good pal and Yin to my podcasting Yang, Paull Young will be presenting a case study on the Forward Blog as a demonstration of social media helping steer PR into social media. He’ll also be yapping about Second Life and podcasting. Please view the agenda.

Like me and can’t make it? Stay on top of it with these helpful links:

UGA Blog

UGA Connect Twitter feed

UGA Flickr stream


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