The Rundown with Nettie Hartsock

This week I welcome Nettie Hartsock, blogger, book publicist, freelance writer and entrepreneur to The Rundown. As always, The Rundown is my weekly LIVE podcast featuring an analysis or summary of something by a knowledgeable person – and me. Nettie’s site reads:

Nettie Hartsock helps individuals, authors, and companies focus on creating, conveying and connecting their message to the world and creates actionable how-to-programs which establish a powerful base for attracting both blogger and journalists attention.

therundown.jpgWe’ll be discussing business and what it’s like to be an online book publicist including what that has to do with podcasting. Or does it at all? Call in, we’ll discuss whatever YOU want to talk about. Plus Nettie has this darling southern drawl that you won’t want to miss. Join me to get the rundown on Nettie Hartsock.

The Rundown airs on Tuesdays at 1:30pm Eastern. Because it’s live, your calls are welcome. Whenever I have I guest you’d like to talk to or question, just call in at (646) 716-8329. You can also email your text or audio comments to me before the show and I’ll play them. The archives will be available at my BlogTalkRadio host page or by subscribing to the show’s RSS feed.

Disclosure: I am employed at BlogTalkRadio


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