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  • November 2006
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A Virtual PR Geek Dinner

Update: I made New PR ! Thanks, Constantin.

Well, I had this crazy idea. And like a fool I acted on it. I couldn’t help it. It was driving me crazy. I had to let it out.

Since I’m in Ohio and jealous of all the geek dinners and social media events, I made one up. Yes, I fabricated a geek dinner with some influential PR podcasters and me at a bar.

And well, sure, I took a few creative liberties. But only at the expense of other people, see. Deep down, I’m sure they truly appreciate the attention.

Special thanks to the guys at Inside PR (Terry and David) and For Immediate Release (Shel, Neville) for being good sports about this (I hope). Special guest appearance by Paullscilla, Queen of the Desert.

It comes in at 11:10, and my testers enjoyed it. I hope you do to.

Link straight to the mp3 here.


32 Responses

  1. hilarious. you got david spot on…
    weeks well spent!

  2. Ed,
    Thanks. Not actually knowing the other four was difficult, but David character really seemed to speak to me.

  3. Quality workmanship Luke. I was laughing my ‘a’ off most of the way through.

  4. Dan,
    Thanks for that! Flipped through your site, cool. I appreciate you dropping by with the comment.

  5. What’s the expression… long time listener, first time caller.
    Been subscribed since you first showed up on FIR all those many months ago.
    This piece just had to drag me in from RSS to say something.

  6. Truly a talent for great comedy, Luke. I split my sides laughing. We did mention it in today’s FIR!

  7. Luke, absolutely brilliant work. A real shame about what happened to David Jones, though. Hopefully he’ll get over it.

  8. Sorry I was late Luke. You’ve got no idea how difficult it is to choose the right ballgown for a virtual geek dinner…

    Truly brilliant. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you’re the funniest member of the PR blogosphere.

    I look forward to the next one!

  9. […] Luke Armour is the funniest man in the PR blogosphere. He’s just posted a hilarious Virtual PR Geek Dinner. If you listen to PR podcasts, in particular the excellent For Immediate Release and Inside PR, you’ll get a kick out of Luke’s side-splitting mP3. […]

  10. Dan: Excellent, welcome then, thanks for introducing yourself.

    Neville: I heard the mention, I thank you. Your words are very kind, your good humor is also appreciated. Be careful with the praise, it doesn’t take me much to get encouraged to do other stupid things.

    Bryan: David was pleased with his role, he said. And I wouldn’t worry about him, he’s a hockey player.

    Paull: Sorry I failed to mention the gown, would have seemed too obsequious. Really? I’m funny? Next one? Bryan said that to me earlier when I mentioned going on with my life. He wrote something about “life? It’s time to start on the next one.”

    Rest assured, if I do another it will be more concise. A little planning would have gone a long way.

  11. Paull: I was just thinking, you’d have to be the second funniest person in the PR Blogosphere. No question. Followed by Lee Hopkins, of course, and then…hmm. Jenkins, probably. This is a funny section of the blogosphere!

  12. A Virtual PR Geek Dinner — Luke Armour

    Luke lives in Ohio — and he’s jealous of all the geek dinners and social media events, so he just made one up. Yes, he fabricated a geek dinner with some influential PR podcasters at a bar.

  13. Stop blogging. Silence the podcasts. Empty Second Life. Ride on over to Luke’s shack for a virtual geek dinner. It’s equally pointless – but so much more fun.

  14. I’m Dave Jones…I’m Dave Jones….I’m Dave Jones….where’s that intern with my sugar packets…I’m Dave Jones…I’m Dave Jones…

    there are some early reviews coming in from the trades:

    “Brilliant. If you listen to one podcast spoof this year, Luke Armour’s virtual geek dinner has to be the one.”

    “4 Stars. David Jones is right up there with Hoffman, Di Caprio, De Niro and Ribisi with his turn as a mentally challenged individual, though some claim he wasn’t acting.”

  15. Luke… absolutely hilarious! And how long did it take you to create this masterpiece? I can only imagine how long it took to find just the right pieces of audio. Brilliantly done.

    P.S. Thanks to Bryper for passing the link along… but he should have warned that I would be laughing hilariously. I’m also sick with a mean cough… I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive the combo of laughing and coughing!

  16. […] Luke Armour should audition for the Daily Show. His audio spoof of a PR podcast geek dinner with me, Terry Fallis, Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and Paull Young is a good laugh. […]

  17. Absolutely brilliant, Luke. I am falling out of my chair laughing. INDEED!

  18. In a word – genius!

    “Kafuffle, kafluffle” loved that part!

  19. Hey, I made New PR Crispy News. Awesome. Thanks Constantin.
    Richard: thanks for the – hey wait, pointless?

    David: I’ve got nothing to say to you. Well, except, why do you encourage me?

    Dan: It took a while. Bryan Person asked the same thing, I estimated a time that I’m certain will make me look like an idiot. It was over one hour, let’s leave it at that. The trick is to clip some audio and formulate the conversation from there. It’s too hard to seek clips, but you know you hear a good one when it comes along. Clip first, write later.

    Donna: Mm, indeed. Paull and I were kicking around some ideas last night about your podcast…

    Stephen, thanks for stopping by. I like hearing what people found particularly interesting about the piece, so thanks for sharing. “You’ve got coffee coming out of your nose” is one of my favorites. Conjures such a vivid image. By the way, your blog site is killer.

  20. […] This is the second thing today that shows those of us who come across as a little precious and too full of our own self-importance regarding the use of social media can and should lighten up a little and have a laugh.   This is all for fun, but who’s brave enough to post the female version of this little contest?  There are lots of smart, attractive female marketing/PR bloggers out there.  Maybe whoever wins on Julia’s blog has to create that post? […]

  21. Luke:

    I’m shocked you would make fun of such luminaries of PR podcasting. I know Shel Holtz, and you, sir, are no Shel Holtz!

    You’ll notice Shel hasn’t dropped by to post a comment. Too busy talking to his lawyer, I’ll bet…

  22. Laugh.. Oh such fun. Thanks Luke.

  23. Hilarious!

    You know, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. this morning and had a bit of time before heading out, so I listened to this. Thank you. I will be smiling laughing all day.

  24. Eric: You don’t know me. I COULD be Shel Holtz. Actually, I’m not, but thanks to the power of technology, for just a few minutes I really felt like I was Shel Holtz.

    David: You’re welcome, thanks for enjoying.

    Robert: On a Saturday? 5am? Sleep deprivation will make anything sound funny. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

  25. Luke, I was raised in Ohio myself, and sympathize wholeheartedly with your sense of isolaton. This was great, and must have taken you hours. I have to say, though, based on your sound effects, I wouldn’t want to get in a car with you.

  26. Sallie: how wonderful of you to drop by (full name and all). I’m sorry to hear about your sordid Ohio past. Um, what sound effects?

  27. […] 33:40 Luke Armour has graciously sent along the following skit he put together lampooning the PR podcasting community. The Virtual Geek Dinner. […]

  28. Luke, I’m late to the game on this one, but I just heard it. Awesome work!

  29. […] This week on Inside PR, Terry and David have a discussion about what skills transfer best from another sector into PR. They play Chris Clarke’s comment for this week. Also, Terry does his segment of Inside PRoper English. Finally, Terry and David play a skit from Luke Armour. Show Notes 00:27 Terry introduces the show. He invites listener feedback through email at insideprcomments@gmail.com, the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog. 01:17 Terry starts off by talking about the Shel Holtz/Toronto Third Tuesday event. 03:10 David talks about the Canadian Institute’s New Media for Communications conference, happening on November 28th and 29th. Terry and David will both be speaking at the event, along with a slew of other Canadian social medialites. 05:58 David brings up the ads running on a number of Canadian PR blogs from Canada News Wire, including his own. 08:48 Terry introduces a listener comment from Scott McDonald about negative blog comments. David thinks that negative comments are better expressed on your blog than out in the open. He adds that sometimes blogs aren’t the right answer. Terry agrees with David and says that negative comments are easy to respond to on a blog. 15:20 Terry brings up this week’s topic: the skills required when transferring from a different field into PR. David says that the risk of hiring someone from another discipline into PR are high. He advises that those considering such a change understand the PR industry before attempting to make the switch. 18:30 David thinks the core skills of PR are, first and foremost, writing, then strategic thinking, creativity, multitasking, and the ability to work under pressure. Terry adds that there are not as many good writers out there as people think. He says that it’s difficult to teach a bad writer ow to be a good writer.  It is possible to teach a good writer to be better. One important skill that Terry adds is common sense (which is not very "common" at all). 21:25 Terry thinks that the ability to speak and have a presence is important. 22:23 David used to think that the best PR people were the total package, but now comes to believe that there are 3 clearly defined roles: practitioners, managers, and leaders. 24:00 Terry’s final trait is the ability to connect with other people. 27:11 David wraps it up: the ability to write, the ability to think, and the ability to connect with people. 27:45 Terry introduces and plays Chris Clarke’s segment for the week. 30:00 Inside PRoper English for the week: that and which. 32:40 David closes the show and invites listener comments: through email at insideprcomments@gmail.com, on the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog. Also, they welcome listeners to the Inside PR Blubrry site. 33:40 Luke Armour has graciously sent along the following skit he put together lampooning the PR podcasting community. The Virtual Geek Dinner.   Hilarious! Music: our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer. […]

  30. […] lunch with David Jones, Ed Lee and Julia Stein (David is much more intelligent than he appears in virtual geek dinners) and with the blog-savvy crowd at […]

  31. […] I did it again. Last November I had this idea that wouldn’t leave me alone (here). After receiving positive feedback from the roasted, as […]

  32. […] family silver to purchase an airline ticket or even–in extreme cases–devoting hours to creating virtual meetups. While they may start out as humorous mashups, these substitutes for real contact can escalate into […]

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