Friday Frivolity

Oh, the laughter one can find on the web. Today’s frivolity comes from the across the pond in Ireland with Tom Raftery. I love Tom’s Podleaders – Thought Leaders podcast for so many reasons. He interviews some of social media’s brightest bulbs as well as the web’s newest stars. Plus, he’s got that wicked cool accent.

Tom’s recent unfortunate interview no-show left him on hold for 17 minutes listening to hold music. Well, he did what any geek tech interviewer/blogger would do: He asked his carefully prepared interview questions anyway. Visit Tom’s site and download the five-minute podcast or stream it right from the site. Incredibly funny. Be sure to read the comments on Tom’s blog post about it, too, they add so much to the hilarity.

Thanks again, Tom, you’ve inspired me to turn every possible negative situation into a potential frivilous moment.


One Response

  1. Thanks – glad you enjoyed it Luke – I had fun making it!

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