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  • August 2007
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Yours Truly Joins BlogTalkRadio

blog-logo-beta.gifWhat’s bald, exceptional in front of large groups of people and travels a lot? That’s right, Mitch Joel!

But in completely unrelated news, I joined BlogTalkRadio! Not simply as a host, but as a member of the team.

To this day when I mention podcasting, I still get strange looks from the people I’m speaking to. Only half of the people who have heard the word “podcast” even really know what it is. Only a fraction of those remaining people have ever listened to an actual podcast. Granted, I live in Ohio, a place not overwhelmingly known for its lightning adoption of new technologies. Oh, sure, our folk invented human flight and the light bulb, but even Edison was shocked to see his family’s old house still lit by lamps and candles over 40 years after he patented it.

But that’s not my central point. I’m very pleased to announce that I am the PR Coordinator for this incredible social radio network. The team at BTR is an energetic, smart group of people from whom I expect to learn a lot. I will still be based in Ohio, so those of you who appreciate my rural isolation can continue to enjoy that caustic, desolate side of my writing. Also, because of the nature of my job, I’m hoping to have more time to wax lyrical about PR and marketing on this very blog.

In the meantime, I encourage you to read my first post on the BTR blog where I discuss my attraction to the BlogTalkRadio platform and my role as PR Coordinator. News Release about it there and here. I urge you to check out the service. I find it to be the answer to podcasting for the masses as well as taking the podcast community to the next level. We’re also rolling out a new website in the beginning of September, so if you find yourself raising an eyebrow due to the current site – just wait.

You ain’t seen or heard nothing yet.

Special thanks to my ‘mate’ Paull Young, without whom I wouldn’t be able to compare myself to someone and say “well, thank God I’m not that guy.” Oh, and he introduced me to Mr. John C. Havens, which was very good too.

Updated links 8/24/07 


25 Responses

  1. Luke – as a former IMGer – congrats on the move. We’ve never met, but I’ve heard wonderful things about you and your talent!

  2. My favorite BlogTalkRadio show was missing in your virgin BTR post today.

  3. Congrats on the job. These “live recording session” podcasts–they have advantages and disadvantages, but I’m glad they exist for those who want them. I don’t think I’ve listened to any from BTR, so recommendations are welcome.

    That’s not at all what I thought you would look like, though.

  4. Mazel tov! Congratulations on the new gig, Luke. I guess now I’ll have to check out Blog Talk Radio.

  5. Looks like a perfect fit mate. I don’t know anyone else in the world at our level who knows the podosphere as well as you.

    I’ll try not to destroy your credibility as we continue to expand the Forward Podcast.

    Here’s to the continued growth of both Blog Talk Radio and your career mate!

  6. Tricia: Thanks for stopping by. Your legend still echoes through the IM halls. Good to meet you.

    Dr. Blogstein: Forgive me. I did neglect to mention one of my favorite shows, but I wasn’t sure how to classify it. Eveyone, check out Dr. Blogstein’s Happy Hour for some, uh, fun.

    Sallie: What did you think I would look like? I can’t believe after all this time you’d not seen a photo of me. Anyway, I’ll get you some recommendations for shows (see above, of course). You’re right, the live shows have pros and cons, but I like the fact that it’s live AND RSS enabled through the archive. We’ll talk.

    Donna: Please do, and thanks for the hearty congrats. Please, check us out and pass along your thoughts. Keep in mind the new site rolls out early Sept.

    Paull: Thanks. Although this is a strangely serious message from you. Is this really Paull?

    Andrea: So many thanks.

  7. Congrats! Is there another PR Murder Mystery in our future?

  8. You’re a good man, Luke! Now I can endorse your hire. Welcome to the family.

  9. Phil,
    [sigh] maybe something with less plot and more zaniness. Yes, I hope to do another someday, but that 30 minute thing nearly killed me. Plus, I’m still recovering from being ignored by Rubel over the whole thing. I mean, not even a personal email of thanks, a blog link or a C&D letter, nuthin’. What’s a Virtual Podcaster to do?

  10. That’s great, congratulations! I think I’ll be calling in to a podcast on BTR tonight actually, if all goes as planned–I think the service is great, and has made an excellent addition. 😉

  11. Sarah: Many thanks. Drop me an email with the URL or post it here. Love to check out the show. Is it for CustomScoop or other reasons?

  12. Luke…
    Congrats on the new digs! Was checking out BTR yesterday…very cool. I will rely on your mystical PR skills to help me come up with ways to get these country folk to cash in on the value of this! 🙂


  13. A Big congrats from the “bald, exceptional in front of large groups of people and travels a lot” person.

    No idea how I factored into your announcement, but let’s face it, I had EVERYTHING to do with this 😉

    Seriously, a hearty congrats my friend.

    Enjoy the ride!

  14. Kait: ugh, what a challenge. I’ve been working on it for almost two years. We’ll figure it out.

    Mitch: I’ve been waiting for your reply. It goes like this: I always go for the laugh. I started writing about me and got as far as “What’s bald…” when I decided it should be about YOU instead. Plus, let’s face it, without you where would I be? Meeting you changed my life and gave me a reason to live.
    Thanks for your kind wishes.

  15. […] Yours Truly Joins BlogTalkRadio « Observations of Public Relations Luke Armour announces he’s joined BlogTalkRadio. (tags: PR LukeArmour) […]

  16. Well I would’ve dropped off the URL but it didn’t end up happening! Was actually going to do a small segment on New Comm Road but we did not record last night. Will let you know though! 😉

  17. “let’s face it, without you where would I be? Meeting you changed my life and gave me a reason to live.”

    Dude, you’re scaring me 🙂

    … and yet, very flattering 🙂

  18. Awesome Luke – Congrats!

  19. Mitch: oh, I’m sorry. That was sarcasm, not flattery. Damn this text-based communication platform.

    Chris: Thanks, man.

  20. Congrats Luke! Good luck with it.

    I also listened to the Murder Mystery podcast, laughed my ass off but forgot to comment. (I don’t know, the telephone rang or something…)When I came to listen to it a second time, I realised I hadn’t made a comment and thought it would have been lame of me to do so, so long after.

    I think you get what I’m trying to say here. Bravo!

  21. […] Podcasting, please share some applause for my podcasting brother-in-arms Luke Armour who has just joined Blog Talk Radio. If you’ve heard Luke’s podcasting parodies you’ll know he’s one of the […]

  22. Great congrats! They are lucky to have you.

  23. Congrats, Luke. BTR is in good hands. It’s an intriguing service with a bright future…and more so now!

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