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A Virtual PR Murder Mystery

Virtual PR Murder Mystery Logo

dagger_1.jpgA beloved PR blogger sends a cryptic warning through the blogosphere and disappears.

Upon his request, a handful of international communications professionals gather in a stereotypical, dank castle in eastern Europe to solve the mystery.

The only problem: one of them is guilty!

Who did it?


Is the beloved PR blogger still alive?

How will it all turn out?

What’s with all the lists?noose_1.jpg

Find out!


Starring Luke Armour with Unwitting Guests:

pc_1.jpgWell, I did it again. Last November I had this idea that wouldn’t leave me alone (here). After receiving positive feedback from the roasted, as well as numerous other people who a laugh or two, I decided to do another. In the works since January, this came about from some late night Skype and IM chats with Mr. Paull Young. Fleshed out over a historic visit with Youngie and Ms. Caldwell, it has evolved into this. It got a little out of control partway through, as happens when you try to add plot to a ridiculous idea, it runs exactly 30 minutes. Download, listen and enjoy. Or don’t, I don’t care. I didn’t make this for you anyway.

Special thanks to Christopher Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast, Constantin Basturea, Brian Bradway (for the awesome graphics), Paull Young, Erin Caldwell, my wife Emily, and all those who are directly or indirectly referenced in this parody for going with the flow.

Disclaimer: This was conceived some time ago. Rest assured, I’m certainly not making light of some of the serious, unfortunate events that have transpired in the blogosphere and off recently. I’ve been told that listening to the entire show will certainly make this clear. This is parody, pure and simple.

I also don’t feel the unwitting participants really believe or do any of the things said or done in the audio file. By downloading the file you agree that you have a sense of humor and will therefore take the whole thing for what it’s worth. Which isn’t much, but it will kill a good 30-minute commute or workout on the elliptical machine at the gym. If I’ve offended anyone, it certainly wasn’t my intention, I did it because I thought it was funny. Which is why I do most things. This show was brought to you, however inadvertently, by Creative Commons and the nitwits friends who laughed when I did this the first time. It’s the absurdity that makes life fun.

SPOILER WARNING: Reading the comments before you listen MAY spoil it for you, I’ve been told.


18 Responses

  1. The only thing that could have made this funnier … was ME BEING IN IT! Damn that David Jones and his caffeine and sugar Jones. What a great bus ride I had this morning. That was 30 minutes of … killer audio. I bow in your general direction, Mr. Armour. If there were a Dr. Demento for PR geeks, you would be the title track, my friend.


  2. For your listening pleasure: ‘A Virtual PR Murder Mystery’

    Luke Armour has done it again.
    The PR pro and new dad, whose home region of Northeast Ohio is apparently bereft of actual face-to-face social media meetups, has just released his second virtual meetup: “A Virtual PR Murder Mystery.”

  3. I’d advise anyone to have a paperbag handy when listening to this so that you can deal with your laughter-induced hyperventilation quickly and not miss a moment of Luke’s comedic gem. If only I sounded as thoughtful on Inside PR as I do here. Thanks Luke. As I’ve said to you before, you have a bright future in comedy if PR doesn’t pan out for you. (Although, PR does offer a rich vein of material to be mined by the amateur but talented comic.)

  4. Absolutely brilliant, if occasionally crude. (I could’ve done without the bit about making a deposit.) You are a very dangerous man. Perhaps we should lock you up in the Asylum.

  5. Bob: No need to bow, anyone with an obsession could do what I did. I appreciate the compliment and – I know, I know – so much fodder, so little time.

    Terry: As always, you play the perfect straight man. Thanks for your note. I am trying to find someone to hire me who can let me combine these two all day long. But does idiocy really need it’s own Communication Director?

    Sallie, RWS: I would be honored to be a member of the famed Asylum – and I’m not dangerous, just…virtually lonely. I apologize for the crudeness, it wasn’t my favorite part (I actually still cringe a bit listening to it – maybe I feel bad), but I could NOT let that go. If he speaks like that in a podcast, it has to go in the parody, it’s too difficult not to include it!

  6. Well done. You cast the hero perfectly. Red Bull 1, Rubot, 0.

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  8. David: Know this, I took no pleasure when I discovered who the hero would be. The story writes itself. I’m still pretty ticked off at the story.

  9. Sock puppet?!?!?

    …better than a Meat Puppet.

    Jones and I are a deadly duo.


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  11. In A Word…

    In A Word…


    Big props to Luke!

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