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  • November 2006
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Studio 60: I’m a curse

I’m a fan of the show. I love it. I look forward to watching it every week. It’s the only show I watch.

Sadly, if rumors are true, I’ll be done watching TV again for another few years. I have a tendency to find and enjoy shows that will be canceled quickly. I’d go into detail, but some of them are private and I don’t know you well enough to disclose that information. Rest assured. They were all really good shows. This is one of them. There are even some good PR lessons to learn in these shows. Certainly the fast-paced, hectic deadlines are familiar.

Maybe these this will help:

Sign the petition here or see

Save NBC’s “Studio 60” Petition


9 Responses

  1. there was a pretty good legal comedy last season with chris o’connell and that weird guy from friends and dazed and confused. i found that pretty amusing.

    i’m still fairly new to the whole north american tv show crap shoot so i don’t know what to expect these days.

    when in doubt, go back to jack.

    bauer that is!

  2. Ed,
    Thanks for dropping by. I haven’t heard of that show you so eloquently described. As I mentioned, I rarely watch TV. I’ll have to check it out if Studio goes off the air.
    You’re from England, right? I don’t mean to criticize, but I’m a little skeptical of your programming over there. What we have isn’t much better, but it’s infinitely MORE. Well, the British comedy shows are good, way good.
    Jack Bauer, never could get into that show…maybe I’m missing something…

  3. more people = more advertising = more shows

    i did have to bring a suitcase full of comedy dvds over from the homeland though…
    24 is the sort of show you have to watch on dvd to enjoy

    Ed (who may have been a little drunk when posting that first comment!)

  4. Ed? Drunk? Never.

    I can’t say one way or another whether or not I like Studio 60 – even though I’ve downloaded all the episodes thus far without the time to watch them – I will bet that it doesn’t get cancelled. I haven’t heard a word about it getting cancelled or renewed, but it’s Aaron Sorkin + terrific actors (Matt Perry is the only un-annoying “Friend” and Bradley Whitford is terrific from West Wing and um, Billy Madison). With that said, I won’t be surprise if it gets cancelled.

  5. friends should’ve been cancelled after the pilot episode.

    not too sure about studio 60 but i am a big fan of 30 rock and alec baldwin.

    i feel dirty after that last admission.

  6. Chris,
    I see your point. Good talent = canceled show sometimes. I can’t say why I enjoy it, you should watch your downloads and let me know if you like it and why or why not.
    You should be careful about drunk commenting. It can get a person in to real trouble. I’m just saying this for your own benefit. Are you sure you weren’t drunk for all of these comments? A Baldwin? Seriously?

  7. seriously, he’s very funny. maybe all those nights hosting SNL finally paid off.

    ironically he plays someone who takes himself far too seriously and thinks he knows best…birds of a feather and all that.


  8. I could listen to Alec Baldwin read the ingredients in Cheerios. Ever since he did the narration on Thomas the Tank Engine, I’ve been a fan.

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