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  • March 2006
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PRSSA Portfolio and Resume Review

Our local PRSSA chapter held a portfolio and resume review meeting this week. Members of the local PRSA chapter came to help with student development. Stephanie Schuster, Akron PRSSA President, organized an educational and exciting event – despite the facilities not being properly prepared. Excellent work, Stephanie.

Personally I was a little disappointed in the student turnout, but I feel that those who did attend got some excellent exposure, advice, and networking. There were around 15 PR professionals there covering non-profit, agency, independent practitioner, and corporate organizations. I didn’t get a chance to talk to all of them, alas, as the craziness that I like to call “empirical research class” was bearing down upon me.

The three professionals I personally spoke with were outstanding. I’m finding out how interconnected this whole PR world is – two of the three individuals I had sessions with, either currently work or have worked with my old pal Clark for whom I did some freelance work for last year. Two of them! I was halfway through the review with Emily Sword of Smiley-Hanchulak before she mentioned something about working with a person I used to work with at Clark’s. I blurted out, “oh, you know Clark?” She replied that she worked with him up until she took her new job last December. She looked me in the eye and said, “PR around here is a small world.” Made me start wondering if I had said anything bad about Clark! Of course I didn’t! But it still made me wonder…
So the three individuals with whom I had sessions were:

I also had a chance to speak briefly with Marcus Miles of Goodwill Industries of Akron and, of course, Michael Gaffney, our PRSSA professional liaison from United Way of Summit County. These people giving up their free time to help students with their professional development is a wonderful expression. We should all be very grateful for what they have done. I know in that brief hour I learned a lot about me, PR, and my portfolio and resume. What else could I have wanted? Oh, yeah, there were cookies and coffee there, too – it was like a dream come true. The professionals couldn’t have been more helpful, and neither could Dr. Ritchey have been – he walked around with the cookie tray while we were chatting with our pros. Thanks to all professionals who offer their guidance and assistance – now, and in the future – to students and young PR pros as well.

Now let’s go out there and do what we can to get jobs so we can turn around and help other students.


4 Responses

  1. As the fundraising chair for our PRSSA, I was very pleased with the event and appreciated the assistance from local professionals. It was beyond helpful and guided me in the right direction with my resume and portfolio. My hope is that the students who did attend found the workshop to be worthwhile and a valuable experience.

  2. I think it was a great way for students to meet with PR professionals that could be interviewing them after graduation or in the very near future for internships. Resumes/porfolios always benefits from different perspectives and a different set of eyes.

    I will be admit that I did eat more cookies than I really should have. My bad Luke.

  3. This PR resume seminar looks great! I wish I could have some help like that…if anyone wants to help me with resume formatting I’d love it! I’m at http://www.razume.com/resume/view/1039


  4. 7uC95o Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

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