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Friday Frivolity: Look at this Instagram

During a very interesting professional development presentation at Kent State University yesterday, I was exposed to this highly entertaining video from College Humor: Look at this Instagram. It says a lot about our desperate need to overuse fun social tools. And what it says about us. Visual communication can be an amazing way to tell stories, but what story are we inadvertently telling? Take a look at your social media posts, bios and pictures. What are you really telling people?

Special thanks to Eric Stoller for the presentation and for showing me this video. I’ll be posting some more in-depth thoughts about his “Digital Identity, Social Media and Higher Education” presentation as time allows. But in the meantime, enjoy…


My apologies, but College Humor has disabled embedding this video. You can still click on it to watch on YouTube. It’s worth the click.


7 Responses

    • Eric, really enjoyed the presentation. Thanks for making the trip. I’m trying to get some other thoughts kickstarted by your talk into words. But, you know, with grading…we’ll see how this goes.

      Thanks again.

  1. Lol, I love this video. Thanks for sharing it with us, professor Armour.

    The lyrics are hilarious… Personally, this video seems to be a good promotion for Instagram.Actually, I’ve heard so many people around me talking about this app. I set up an account before but seldom use it, for I don’t like it crop my pic into a square…However, after watching this video, I’m impetuous to try it again… What this app attracts the users the most is it can make a plain picture professional.

    Compared with wording post, pictures do attract more people’s eyeball. Not everyone knows photoshop, and not every one is a professional photographer. Instagram makes it easier for storytelling through social media. Just have a glimpse of all my friends’ post via Instagram, I always feel like I need to hit the like or share it, for I just cannot help doing it…

    • Chloe,

      Thanks for the note. It’s funny you think of this as a promotion for Instagram when most people see this is a blatant dig at people who OVERUSE Instagram. I see where you’re coming from, though. It is fun to play with – but how what will the world do with that many photos of food?

      • Hi professor, thanks for your reply. Actually it reminds me of a Chinese song. The song is a kind of sarcasm of girls’ overuse of Weibo (the Chinese Twitter), trying to get attentions from others in the “virtual world.” The lyric goes: “There are so many people who have already used this (your) username. Millions of “Lucy”s and thousands of “Fancy”s. Your profile picture looks gorgeous but not like you; I am the only one who has seen you in person… The happiest thing for you is to see there are more people following you, but, sorry, they are all my buddies. Just a cup of juice, you cannot stop taking photos with your phone… Everyday, you cannot help logging in your Weibo, sharing and live broadcasting your life…” (Excuse for my poor translation…). The truth is this song was keeping in the first place on the music billboard for weeks in China. Most interestingly, it was the song that there were millions of people joining in Weibo after it was released. Those who had already used Weibo knew exactly what this song meant; however, out of curiosity, those who hadn’t used it felt like they need to use it or they were lost in the song. Same to this video. It is hilarious and sarcastic; meanwhile, do you think those Instagram users/lovers will give up using it because it is lame? No! They are enjoying in their “Instagram world” sharing their pictures with those followers and don’t give a sh*t about others. So think from another perspective, the consequence of this video becomes a promotion because it draws much attention for those who are not a huge fan or haven’t used it. For us, we want to know what is going on with this app. (Is it really like what the lyrics say about?) Curiosity kills the cat…

  2. […] Filed beneath: Digital Tools, Frivolity, Social Media, Visual Communication Tagged: College Humor, Friday Frivolity, instagram Luke Armour – Digital Marketing and Public Relations Observations, Commentary, Frivolity […]

  3. […] Filed underneath: Digital Tools, Frivolity, Social Media, Visual Communication Tagged: College Humor, Friday Frivolity, instagram Luke Armour – Digital Marketing and Public Relations Observations, Commentary, Frivolity […]

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