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The Value of my BA just plummeted

My hometown paper printed what I find to be a rather depressing article this week. Not only is it depressing, but in my eyes it devalues my college education worse than a college president caught doing blow and hookers on his lunch break.

Sharon Stone was just awarded an honorary degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. A second article notes:

Sharon Stone — the flamboyant Hollywood actress, globally-recognized humanitarian, Crawford County native and former Edinboro University of Pennsylvania student — received an honorary EUP doctor of philosophy in public service degree Wednesday at the university’s eighth annual Frank G. Pogue Honors Scholarship Luncheon.

Ms. Stone grew up in a town not far from Meadville (my hometown) and some of the stories I’ve heard about her as a child and teenager make me cringe. I’m sure they’re blown out of proportion and sensationalized, but there are guaranteed to be a few that are true, especially the stupid ones. I’m certain that Ms. Stone has done great good for causes around the world and donated more money than I’ll ever even make. Still doesn’t counter the irrational judgments I have bouncing about in my head.

But that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Good thing I’ve got an MA or my self-esteem would be decreasing at a 1:1 ratio with the value of my undergraduate degree.


6 Responses

  1. Luke, most people don’t have your unique insights on Sharon Stone local lore and rumors and think she’s sort of admirable, and that’s why it’s permissible to regale her now at her old school–it also helps put them more “on the map.” I may even show good business sense on their part.

    It’s also helpful, as we go through life, not to be too attached to things external to us, like where we went to school. This is about them, not about you, and you shouldn’t let it reflect on you or even come close to bumming you out.

    Try to get out and get some sunshine, and don’t ever let the thought come into your head again that Sharon has donated more than you’ll ever make; you have the same limitless possibilities that she has.

  2. I’m sure you’ll get over it, Luke. 😉

  3. Tim:
    Oh, there’s no doubt why the school would do it. And while I was mostly posting this in jest, just to take another shot at her since it’s something we’ve always done in NW PA (jealousy, perhaps? I was this close to going into theater) there’s a little bit of truth to it.
    You make some wise points here. I’m actually not all that attached to either of my schools, but I am quite attached to other external things. What you’ve said makes a lot of sense and we could all gain from the insight. Whether it’s material things like a nice shiny new car, or that football title held in high school, dwelling on the past can really slow one down.
    And while I may have the same limitless possibilities that she has, I’ll never be able to sleep my way to the top. Oh! Did I just write that? These prankish fingers.
    Points well taken, Tim, thanks for voicing your thoughts. Come back again.

    Yep, already done. Very therapeutic, this blogging thing.

  4. How far were you able to sleep your way to, Luke? Just wondering. ;-p


  5. Bob,
    All the way to Toronto, baby.

  6. Lol, sorry man, I never understood those honorary doctorates to stars anyway

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