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How much for the inside of your eyelids?

We all knew this was coming, but it’s becoming more real. Not only are we constantly bombarded my by messages nearly every second, there appears to be some space we haven’t covered up yet.

The floor wasted on walking? No it’s ad space!

The handrail of the escaloter just for safety? No, it’s ad space!

The inside of your eyelids? Well, hmm, how much?

The toiletpaper just for – ah, well, there’s one place I’ll gladly accept an ad or two.

The International Herald Tribune‘s Louise Story wrote this article about it. It’s an interesting article that doesn’t go into much detail except that it hints at advertisers thinking this is a great idea and that people are already sick of it.

Reminds me of this scene from Minority Report. Scccaaaaaarrrrryyyy. (feed readers, click here)

The article states: “Some advertising executives say that as long as an advertisement is entertaining, people do not necessarily mind the intrusion — and may even welcome it” Of course! These are the people who have never had a second alone with their own thoughts! They’d be shocked if they were forced to just…*gasp* sit and think! The mere attention-span fragmenting concept puts some people into hysterics. I honestly don’t know how I’d live in a big city.

And what’s worse, is that communicators already know that no matter how stupid your message, it’s never going to get the attention you want. It’s the quality of the message that counts. Unfortunately, the further into this landscape of adscape we go, the harder it is to get real messages out. Thank God for our innate ability to ignore things.

And people, did I mention people?