Blogger criticizes local paper typo – what a jerk

beaconjournal.JPGAlso titled: Do I have a right to be snobby?

Seriously, as a blogger, do I have any right to be snobby? Here is a local paper with serious reporters, ethical standards, and a decent website and here I am, a nobody, mocking it.

Is that right?

Probably not.

Incidentally, the print version was fine and it was fixed a few hours later so I guess I don’t have any compaints.

I was listening to FIR #184 this morning (blog page, show notes) and Shel made some great comments about headlines. Especially in this day of RSS, we really need to be descriptive and informative in our headlines if we expect people to pay attention to the messages. This goes for newspapers, bloggers, and more. As a PR professional, I scan over 140 feeds in my aggregator to attempt to stay on top of events. Many of those feeds are headline only, no lead paragraph. I may be missing information, though I try not to. Think about that when crafting headlines for your blog, your website, or your client. RSS is changing not only the way we get information, but how we get information out.


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  2. Hi Luke —

    I’m lovin’ your blog. The Nina podcasting is way cool.

    Hey — there’s a section here titled “Suggested PR Links.” It lists several Greater Cleveland communications organizations.
    However, it doesn’t list a group of senior p.r. and marketing communications pros — the Cleveland Indepenent Practitioners Group! I hope you’ll check us out at

    We’d love to be on the list so other independent practitioners
    can see there are a lot of us here!

    Thanks, Luke. Keep those postings coming!

    Lynne Meyer office: 440/717-0191 cell: 440/382-9420

  3. Lynne,
    Thanks for the kind words, I’ll check it out.

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